Find a Color for Every Wall



Do you want a brighter look in your bathroom? A more studious blue for your study? Maybe you want to celebrate spring in your kitchen.

Appaloosa Painting can make any wall contribute to a room’s beauty with our residential interior painting services. From start to finish of any home painting project, our creative painting experts will be as friendly and hardworking as anyone you have ever hired to work on your home.

Paint Choices Galore

The experts at Appaloosa Painting will help guide you to the perfect paint type for your interior space.

  1. Flat. The most common interior paint, matte paint lacks sheen and is good for hiding imperfections in your home’s walls.
  2. Matte enamel. If you want the effect of flat paint but need a more durable option for a high-traffic room like the kitchen, matte enamel is the best choice.
  3. Eggshell. Similar to satin paint but with less smoothness, eggshell covers more surface area with less paint than matte.
  4. Satin. Between eggshell and semi-gloss, satin paint provides a more durable film surface than eggshell, without too much glare.
  5. Semi-gloss. More commonly used on trim than walls, semi-gloss offers a hard finish that is easy to clean with soap and water.
  6. Gloss paint. With a high shine that shows imperfections and can take multiple coats, gloss paint is nonetheless a popular choice due to its beauty and durability.

You choose the color!

We know paint, but you know your style. After Appaloosa Painting has helped you select the best paint type for your space, you get to decide what color best fits your mood, style or the coming season.

Why wait to see your home in a whole new way?