Our Story

Appaloosa Painting Co. started as the passion of Dan Gallop in 2013 and along with family members was incorporated as  Virginia Corporation in 2017. Together we have built an award winning painting company, taking less than a year to be recognized as “Best of Suburbia” for the Route 7 corridor in 2018. A key to this quick recognition is the consideration we afford to every client. We stand out from the crowd with traditional honesty, refreshingly modern aesthetics, and invaluable punctuality. We’re here to serve your vision. And if you don’t have an exact vision, no problem; we’ll happily help you bring it into focus.

Most family owned and operated painting companies are started then passed down from father to son. But that’s not how our story goes. Appaloosa Painting Company was born out of the vision and drive of one of the younger sons in our family.

Though Dan Gallop grew up in an impoverished country on the southern edge of Africa’s Sahara Desert, as a teenager he found himself in the snowy hill country of western New York, getting up at 4am trudging on foot to the farm down the road where he milked cows for his first job. On the farm and in the local subshop he learned to work hard. Apart from a short bout with a rare form of arthritis, he was a healthy kid who participated in Civil Air Patrol, biked 5 miles a day, and worked out with the local college’s ROTC guys. Dan had his heart set on becoming a military officer, and worked hard academically until he was awarded a full ROTC scholarship to university.

Despite excellent grades, his time at university was short lived. After the first semester, Army doctors reviewing his medical history found that his teenage bout with arthritis disqualified him from ever becoming an officer. His hopes for a military career came crashing down with great disappointment and soul searching. It was during this trying time that Dan turned his heart to God and began looking for a new direction.
A painting company was not the first direction he took. Dan experimented with several types of work including car sales at a dealership in Northern Virginia. Through training he learned valuable lessons about sales and customer relationships. However, he found that honesty was often lacking in the car sales industry. So he decided to move on, thinking of how good it would be to work for a company that adheres to principles of integrity.

Of the types of work he experimented with, Dan found the construction industry, where he could work hard with his hands, to be the most appealing. He especially enjoyed painting. While working for a large painting contractor, he learned a lot about painting techniques and developed painting proficiencies, but again in the painting industry, he found integrity to be in short supply. He was appalled to find painters discussing on the job how to do work slower just so they would get paid for more hours. Dan’s vision to start his own painting company that focused on diligence, hard work, and treating the customer right began to take shape.

In 2013, Dan took two big leaps first he married Brianna, then he opened his own painting company to start realizing his vision for a company with integrity. For four years, Appaloosa Painting Co. painted interiors and exteriors of houses and local businesses in Wilkes-Barre, PA with many happy customers.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Dan’s desire to expand the business into a larger market led to a move to Northern Virginia, incorporation of the business, and calling on his father for help with the expansion, including business, financial, and systems support that Dan needed to grow a professional painting company in the larger market.

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