Residential Painting Pricing


  • We are committed to maintaining prices that are easy to understand, easy to compare, and easy to afford. 
  • We will never take advantage of our client’s lack of knowledge. We exist to look out for the best interests of our clients.  Our clients don’t exist to make us money.
  • Every discount we get on materials, we pass on to our clients.
  • Our price may not always be the lowest, but it’s always the best.


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Not many contractors are willing to give upfront pricing. For some, they simply do not have the experience or a system that is designed well enough to make processes and information understandable to the average homeowner. Some are out to see how much they can make off of a client, and thus have no interest in being upfront and honest about how they operate.

But this is the 21st century! This is the age of innovate or fail. A service company that does not have well thought out, systematized customer service approach that makes it’s service understandable and affordable simply doesn’t cut it in the modern environment.   With all of the data, technology, and experience available, pricing on “bread and butter” work that makes up most of what they do should be one of the least difficult things a painting company does. We know this by experience and we prove it every day.

We are proud to offer all four of our core interior painting services at flat rates based on the measurements of the room(s) that need to to be painted. These prices apply to almost every one of the interior jobs we do. When we give you a number, we will stick by it. All of our pricing includes Labor and Materials. Our price includes everything listed on our “Process Page” including an in-home consultation, prep, and cleanup.

Even though our other services require custom pricing and we can’t offer flat rates, we strive to make sure that each client understands their quote/contract fully. Communication is vital to developing good business relationships. We do our best to answer every “why” question to the best of our ability.




Standard Sized Rooms

  • Walls – $1.25/square foot
  • Ceilings – $0.50/square foot
  • Trim – $0.50/linear foot
  • Doors – $30/door

Example: 12×12(144/sq ft), 2 doors, 2 windows = $362


Our standard paint is Sherwin Williams: Cashmere (walls), Eminence (ceilings), and ProClassic (trim).

The average cost for our work? About $2.50/sq ft including Walls, Ceilings, Trim, and Doors.




Staining; Varnishing; Light Carpentry; Drywall Repair; Cabinet Refinishing

Due to the varying substrates, conditions, and circumstances, these services require a custom estimate tailored to your project.


Exterior Painting, Vinyl Restoration, Corrosion and Rust Mitigation

All of our exterior pricing requires a custom estimate due to the many variables in substrates, height, location, condition, etc.