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Cabinet Painting by Appaloosa Painting Co.

Our 5 Year Warranty Gives you Peace of mind

Lot’s of folks say they can paint cabinets, but not many will give you a 5 year warranty, because they don’t have the process, materials, and workmanship expertise to back it up. At Appaloosa Painting Co. we’ve spent years doing product research and testing to come up with a process that we know we can stand behind. We use the same materials that the cabinet shops and manufacturers use and we’ve hone our craft for on site application. That means less hassle for you and no tear down of cabinets, hauling them to a shop, and hauling them back again. Our efficiency saves you money! Our team can typically refinish your cabinets with a custom color of your choice in 3 days or less. That beats having your kitchen torn apart for weeks waiting for a kitchen remodel, and we can do it at 1/4 of the price of most cabinet replacement contractors. 

Professional Cabinet Painting Process

1. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Prep

Everyone who’s watched HGTV can paint cabinets right? Not so fast. Having a proper prep process is important. Knowing what steps to take and in what order, is critical to setting yourself up for success. Properly protecting all appliances and the insides of your cabinets is critical in the effort to not shoot yourself in the foot while trying to glam up your kitchen. So is having a system for labeling, racking, and organizing the cabinet doors and hardware as they are removed and prepped for paint. Good luck getting your doors back on if you don’t label them properly. No racking means cabinet doors all over the floor, collecting dust as you walk around and stir up the overspray and dirt on your plastic. And without a system for organizing and ordering your prep and painting of the doors, it will be hard to tell, once your half-way in, which ones have received what prep/painting steps. We’ve done this dozens and dozens of times. We have the system. We have the equipment. Let us take the hassle out of it for you. No peeling or scratched up cabinets here! 

2. priming and prepping cabinets for final Paint coat

 If you’ve ever tried to paint cabinets with water based white paints before, you’ll know the challenges of sealing high tannin woods like oak. Inevitably, whether right away, or further down the road, you end up getting oil stains from the wood tannins that bleed through your beautiful paint job! And though oil provides better overall stain sealing and durability, it takes foreeeevvver to dry. 2,3, 4 coats….on each side? You’ll be waiting more than a week with your kitchen virtually unusable and your house smelling like a paint factory. Our lacquer/conversion varnish has superior sealing capabilities to both oil and water based products. Furthermore, because they are solvent based, they can be recoated in 30 minutes, bringing the actual priming and painting time down to one day for 3-4 coats on each side. Different woods have different needs based on the porosity of their grain and level of tannin leaching. We’ve got the products for every situation. You won’t have grainy holes popping through your oak cabinets or stains bleeding through in a year or two. Your final coat won’t have streaks or discoloration since every surface gets one final sanding and dust off prior to final coat.

3. Final Coat

You won’t be disappointed once we have our final coat of finish paint on. With all of the proper steps taken in the prep and prime phases, the final coat goes on like glass, leaving you with a factory grade finish. Most folks can’t tell that they didn’t come from the factory that way. Our solvent based finishes cure quickly so that they’re hard enough the next day to be able to replace the hardware and put everything back in place. Throughout the whole painting process we establish containment and air filtration for both our painters’ safety and to avoid getting the fine overspray dust everywhere. The smell is definitely not enjoyable, but our short painting window along with the quick “flash-off” time of our solvent based materials, minimizes prolonged smells and by the next day, you’re back to normal. 

4. clean Up

Our pro cabinet painting crews do there darndest to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible during your kitchen makeover. Our goal is always to leave our client’s space cleaner than when we found it. Since the whole area is contained during prep and painting, our clean up process is usually fairly simple. We’ll make sure that all the mess leaves with our crews! 

5. Sit back and Enjoy

Or get to cookin’ right away! Either way, our pro grade materials have got you covered. You’ll only need to be careful with your newly glorified kitchen for a few days while the materials achieve their final cured hardness. Contrast that with Oil or Water based paints where you’d be waiting weeks to achieve “full” hardness, which itself isn’t as hard as our materials 2 hours after application. Our goal is to make your kitchen a dream space, both aesthetically and practically speaking. Unless you’re in the habit of dumping lacquer thinner, acetone, or large quantities of boiling water on your cabinets, you’ll be set for years to come! 

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At Appaloosa Painting Co., our commitment to excellence extends beyond our craft—it’s ingrained in the heart of our service. Choose Appaloosa Painting Co. for a painting service that goes beyond expectations, where our readiness to serve is a testament to our commitment to turning your dreams into reality. Book your free quote today!


Book Your Estimate Today!

At Appaloosa Painting Co., our commitment to excellence extends beyond our craft—it’s ingrained in the heart of our service. Choose Appaloosa Painting Co. for a painting service that goes beyond expectations, where our readiness to serve is a testament to our commitment to turning your dreams into reality. Book your free quote today!

I received four quotes before choosing Appaloosa Painting to paint the main level of our house. In addition to painting, I asked them to drywall in some rough framing that had been previously installed and to feather out some messy spackle work done by the previous homeowner. Dago (the lead) was thorough in his explanation of what he would do for us and how it would look in the end. We were very happy with their level of competence, skill in cutting in, drywall repairs, cleaning up at the end of the day and their overall pleasantness while working in our home. Before they had finished the first level painting, we changed scope to have them install laminate flooring in our mud room, paint the second level of our home and install some shoe molding. We are thrilled with the results and would certainly recommend them to others Bob Allen Summit Point, WV

Client Since 1995

I have, over the years, dealt with dozens of companies in multiple states and Appaloosa stands alone. The quality of work is superb but what is better is the follow up. The owner personally inspects the work and insists that not only is it to my satisfaction but also meets his exacting standards. An outstanding company who will always be the first I call.

Dago’s team did a wonderful job painting our historic property! It was a very challenging job and they even had to rent a lift and climb some very tall ladders, but they were very efficient, careful and professional. We have already received tons of compliments from people in town. I would recommend them to anyone!

We used Appaloosa Painting for several projects around our home. They removed ivy and painted our garage, which is detached. They did a great job of matching the paint and repairs. We also got an entire interior refresher. Ceilings, trim, kitchen cabinets and walls on entire main floor. The painters were professional while in our home, the quality was on point and the entire job took 5 days. The crew worked late to get us back into our kitchen, and the responsiveness to any spots was quickly handled. Dago even came back and hand painted our mantle to complete the elevation of the space. I could not recommend these guys more! We will be using for all our painting projects!

I had my garage painted and the floor epoxied. It turned out so clean. Dago was great to work with. Very kind and very fair. I will definitely be using them for future projects!