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Interior Painting

Interior surfaces

Appaloosa Painting Co. is ready to embark with you on your transformative journey. Beyond aesthetics, a fresh coat of paint has the power to breathe new life into your home, creating an atmosphere that resonates with your personality and style. Our professional interior painting services not only enhance the visual appeal of your living spaces but also influence the overall mood and energy within your home. Whether you are refreshing your walls, trim, ceilings, or doors, we’ll handle it all.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Everyone who’s watched HGTV can paint cabinets right? Not so fast. Trust Appaloosa Painting Co. to elevate your kitchen aesthetics with our expert application of factory grade pigmented lacquer, where beauty meets durability in the heart of your home. Our lacquer is tintable to any major manufacturer’s colors, bringing you the best of both custom color and a long lasting finish. No peeling or scratched up cabinets here!

wallpaper removal

Embrace the evolution of modern aesthetic design by ditching that old wallpaper!


While once a popular choice, wallpaper can often evoke a dated or busy look that may not align with contemporary design trends.  By opting for a fresh, neutral canvas, you create a versatile backdrop that seamlessly integrates with modern furniture, decor, and architectural elements.

Appaloosa Painting Co. understands the transformative impact of this process, helping you move beyond the constraints of the past and achieve a sleek, sophisticated, and timeless look for your home. Let us guide you through the removal of wallpaper, unlocking the potential for a modern and inviting space that reflects your current style and design preferences.

Wood Staining

Beyond the utilitarian purpose of protecting and preserving wood surfaces, custom The personalized touch of custom staining brings out the unique grain patterns, textures, and characteristics of each piece of wood, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that cannot be replicated. With our meticulous craftsmanship, we not only enrich the visual appeal but also transform your interiors into a showcase of personal style with our expert custom wood staining services at Appaloosa Painting Co.

Drywall Repair

At Appaloosa Painting Co., we take pride in offering comprehensive drywall repair and installation services that go beyond mere wall restoration. Whether your drywall has succumbed to water damage, you’re planning room additions, or embarking on large scale renovations, our skilled team is here to minimize your mess and get your

Epoxy floors

Our expert team combines precision and innovation to deliver durable and visually stunning epoxy floor installations. Ideal for garages, basements, and commercial spaces, our epoxy floors offer a seamless and resilient surface that withstands heavy traffic, spills, and daily wear and tear. At Appaloosa Painting Co., we prioritize quality craftsmanship, ensuring each epoxy floor not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

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At Appaloosa Painting Co., our commitment to excellence extends beyond our craft—it’s ingrained in the heart of our service. Choose Appaloosa Painting Co. for a painting service that goes beyond expectations, where our readiness to serve is a testament to our commitment to turning your dreams into reality. Book your free quote today!

Kitchen Painting

The aesthetics of a kitchen play a pivotal role in shaping the overall inviting mood of a home. Incorporating warm and inviting colors, such as earthy tones or soft neutrals, can create a cozy atmosphere that encourages gatherings and shared meals. Thoughtfully designed elements like pendant lighting, stylish backsplashes, and well-chosen cabinetry contribute to a visually pleasing kitchen that becomes the heart of the home, fostering a welcoming and communal ambiance.

Home Office Painting

Painting your home office can transform the atmosphere, creating a personalized space that enhances your productivity and creativity. Colors and textures not only uplift the aesthetics but also contribute to a positive and inspiring environment, ultimately improving your overall work experience.

Mud Room Painting

Can I get an amen from the moms out there? Mud rooms are practically a necessity when living with kids. But who says mud rooms have to be drabby aesthetic eyesores? Pairing light and uplifting colors with smart organizational solutions, such as built-in shelving or stylish storage bins, not only adds functionality but also ensures a clutter-free entryway that transforms your mud room from an eyesore into a visually appealing, but highly practical space. 

Great Room Painting

Let’s be honest. Your great room is your opportunity to showcase your home! Crafting a simple yet elegant paint scheme for your great room is key to inviting and wowing your guests at the same time. Neutral tones like soft greys, cool whites, or muted blues give you a versatile backdrop that allows your decor and furnishings to shine. Subtle accent walls or trim details are a good consideration to incorporate, especially in a complementary shade that adds visual interest. Do that, and your great room will become a welcoming and visually appealing focal point for guests to enjoy.

Bathroom Painting

A small investment in your bathrooms can add a that splash of color and or elegant note to your home’s overall look, serving as small yet impactful canvases for design expression. Choosing a carefully curated color scheme with high-quality paints, like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, gives you not only an aesthetic appeal but also practical protection against moisture and daily wear. Selecting the appropriate sheen, such as satin or semi-gloss, enhances durability and makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring your bathroom remains a stylish and functional sanctuary within your home.

Foyer and Staircase Painting

Your foyer serves as the first impression of your home’s aesthetic, setting the tone for the entire space. Creating an inviting atmosphere here is crucial, as it welcomes guests and opens up your home. Choosing light and airy colors, incorporating stylish lighting fixtures, and utilizing mirrors strategically to maximize natural light, ensures your foyer not only reflects your personal style but also establishes an open and inviting ambiance for everyone who enters.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Everyone who’s watched HGTV can paint cabinets right? Not so fast. Trust Appaloosa Painting Co. to elevate your kitchen aesthetics with our expert application of factory grade pigmented lacquer, where beauty meets durability in the heart of your home. Our lacquer is tintable to any major manufacturer’s colors, bringing you the best of both custom color and a long lasting finish. No peeling or scratched up cabinets here!

Basement Painting

Transforming your basement with premium paint and a personalized design goes a long way toward creating a cozy retreat. The right design helps inspire a relaxing environment that perfectly complements your space. Choosing calming hues and incorporating personal touches not only adds warmth but can also turn your basement into a space where your family can unwind and enjoy quality time together. Investing in high-quality, moisture-resistant paint guarantees that your basement, whether completely remodeled or just outdated, will become both a practical and aesthetic space–a durable investment and an inviting hub for hosting and entertaining.

Master Bedroom Painting

Simple elegant enhancement for your Master Bedroom is not out of reach. Neutral color palettes such as soft grays, muted blues, or warm beige tones to create a serene and elegant ambiance. Consider using an accent wall with a slightly darker shade or a subtle pattern to add depth and sophistication without overwhelming the space. Additionally, investing in high-quality paint is worth every penny; smooth finishes will contribute to a refined look, making your master bedroom a tranquil and stylish retreat.


Epoxy Floor Painting

Epoxy floors add a level of durability that other finishes just can’t reach. A lot of clients are unsatisfied with the results of big box store “garage floor” or single part epoxy kits. We only use the good stuff. Our manufacturers are top notch and provide the same materials we use to the US Military. If it’s good enough for a tank, it’ll definitely handle those tires. But epoxy doesn’t have to be dull or limited to just protection. This stunning floor was all done in epoxy! 

Garage Painting

At Appaloosa Painting Co. we bring expertise and artistry to rejuvenate and protect your home’s exterior with our premium wood siding repair and painting services. Whether your wood siding has weathered the elements, suffered damage, or is simply in need of a refresh, our skilled team is dedicated to restoring its natural beauty. Our meticulous repair process addresses issues such as rot, cracks, or warping, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your siding. Trust Appaloosa Painting Co. to bring vibrancy and life back to your home through our unparalleled wood siding repair and painting services.

I received four quotes before choosing Appaloosa Painting to paint the main level of our house. In addition to painting, I asked them to drywall in some rough framing that had been previously installed and to feather out some messy spackle work done by the previous homeowner. Dago (the lead) was thorough in his explanation of what he would do for us and how it would look in the end. We were very happy with their level of competence, skill in cutting in, drywall repairs, cleaning up at the end of the day and their overall pleasantness while working in our home. Before they had finished the first level painting, we changed scope to have them install laminate flooring in our mud room, paint the second level of our home and install some shoe molding. We are thrilled with the results and would certainly recommend them to others Bob Allen Summit Point, WV

Client Since 1995

I have, over the years, dealt with dozens of companies in multiple states and Appaloosa stands alone. The quality of work is superb but what is better is the follow up. The owner personally inspects the work and insists that not only is it to my satisfaction but also meets his exacting standards. An outstanding company who will always be the first I call.

Dago’s team did a wonderful job painting our historic property! It was a very challenging job and they even had to rent a lift and climb some very tall ladders, but they were very efficient, careful and professional. We have already received tons of compliments from people in town. I would recommend them to anyone!

We used Appaloosa Painting for several projects around our home. They removed ivy and painted our garage, which is detached. They did a great job of matching the paint and repairs. We also got an entire interior refresher. Ceilings, trim, kitchen cabinets and walls on entire main floor. The painters were professional while in our home, the quality was on point and the entire job took 5 days. The crew worked late to get us back into our kitchen, and the responsiveness to any spots was quickly handled. Dago even came back and hand painted our mantle to complete the elevation of the space. I could not recommend these guys more! We will be using for all our painting projects!

I had my garage painted and the floor epoxied. It turned out so clean. Dago was great to work with. Very kind and very fair. I will definitely be using them for future projects!